Benicassim anyone stayed here for Christmas, (1 Viewer)


Jul 19, 2007
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There used to be a few who spent the winter there, I never did so can't help. I'm sure someone will know.
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Nov 24, 2017
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Yes we stayed last year and Xmas 2019. Yes entertainment, Christmas Day Luncheon, NYE Gala Dinner with entertainment. Reports were that Christmas dinner was good but we Cook our own turkey from the local butchers or Lidls.We are at the younger end of the age group I guess, 55 and 56 and have a thoroughly great time for 80 days. Going again this winter too. The bands can be a bit cheesy with some of the lyrics to the English songs a bit strange but the house wine helps. But dont expect English orientated entertainment in town as this is a Spanish place. Busy site though so if not booked yet then dont delay if you want to go.
Jun 10, 2010
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Anyone stayed at Benicassim for Christmas?, what was it like, any entertainment etc
Assuming you mean bonterra yes it's a nice sociable place for Xmas. Restaurant is OK, nice space food a bit bland, but plenty of other places out there. Weather was very pleasant both times we did it circa 20c and mostly sunny. Benicassim is good for cycling and walking, Downside of bonterra is no views and a long walk to the beach. I would agree that you need to book more these days, although might be easier this year with Morocco reopening.
Jan 2, 2015
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We have been at Bonterra for a couple of Christmases.
As said, there are Gala Dinners and entertainment etc in the club there, but we've never attended.
We once went to an Irish Bar on the main street for NYEve but we may as well have stayed in the UK.....Almost everyone trying to get as drunk as they could as quick as they could.(Which is grand if that's what you want)

The highlights for me were the New Year street celebrations in the Plaza Major where everyone from infants to old timers just generally having a good time without getting legless!

A dozen grapes for the chimes of midnight and a plastic glass to toast the New Year.(several times)
Feliz Año Nuevo

A few of the regulars at Bonterra had sussed out different venues in the town itself where you could have a meal and drinks to celebrate the festivities but they were invariably 'closed' events which had to be pre booked a while in advance.

I'm sure the OP would find something to suit! (y)

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