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Discussion in 'Fiat' started by hannah29, Jul 2, 2008.

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    we have just had a failed mot on our 2000 euramobil 810 tag. its a fiat ducato with an alko chassis. does anyone know if the rear bearings on the alko are fiat or would they be specific to alko? we have tried ringing alko all day but not had much joy with them answering the phone. the garage has fiat ones ordered for delivery tomorrow. we need it fixed in the next 24 hours as we are supposed to be off to lincoln tomorrow evening but are just a bit concerned they wont be fiat parts
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    Do they need to be Fiat Hannah? Not sure whether alko chassis extends to the wheel bearings but I might be wrong. Third party parts are very good, on saying that I have often been amazed what spares Fiat main dealers carry

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    in all honesty stew we are not bothered what they use, they have ordered fiat as they are more likely to be right and as we need it done quick they are guaranteed delivery first thing in the morning. i have absolutely no idea about bearings and you are quite probably correct. we are just trying to ensure the correct parts are with the garage asap so we can get it fixed in the morning.
    the window washers are not working either so it failed on that too but that is probably just the motor, it has been a little intermittent in working the last few weeks

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    hi hannah,

    it could be the washer pump filter is blocked.

    have a look at the bottom of the washer water bottle you should find the pump. it is a push fit into the tank, simply wiggle and pull til it comes off.

    on the pump you will find a gauze filter, like a thimble, pull it off and clean it under a tap.
    it will be covered in a sludge type substance.

    to refit, just a touch of oil on the grommet and push it back in.

    if the mechanic is doing the job ask him to check the filter and show you it or they might just fit a new pump.

  5. hannah29

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    ok got the van sorted and full mot this afternoon. dropped hubby off to collect it and came home next thing i know he is on the phone saying the back end had froze up. he was just going down the slip road onto the motorway and heard a big bang and the back wheels froze, managed to pull it onto hard shoulder and is now waiting for safeguard (aa) recovery back to the is not looking too good for us now. we have no idea what has happened. it has had new pads and discs all the way round not so long ago so it cant be the brakes. it has to be something to do with the bearings they replaced, i do know we now need 2 new back tyres though......any ideas what could have happened and if so what other potential damage it could have caused??
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    Hi on one of my work vans after having bearings done the brake shoes were not properly adjusted,ended up chewing all the shoes,back plate, clyinders,pipes the lot cost above 300sqids in parts more than 10 yrs ago.
    BTW all bearings have numbers on them so i you get that you can go to a bearing stockest and get what maybe £60 bearings for about £20 :thumb: a lot of local garages do his and charge full price :Eeek:
  7. Wilbury

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    Hi, It is better not to use oil on rubber items as it damages the rubber.
    For jobs such as your washer pump, a very light smear of washing up liquid will do the trick.
  8. mnd

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    :Eeek: Your 810 is on the uprated 4 tonne chassis, I wonder if the std. bearings have been used?

    I had new wheel cylinders fitted on the rear axles of an uprated tag, they quoted me a price to which I agreed,.. then the garage rung me back later with a different costing explaining the parts are not standard van parts but are in fact Fiat commercial, sorry to hear of the sad news Hannah:Sad:
  9. hannah29

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    thanks for that dave, the guys from the garage came out to hubby on the motorway but couldn't do anything there. phoned the rac of which we are members and no joy with them as we were too big so ended up calling safeguard breakdown who we are with. nearly 2 hours later they got it back to the garage and the guys were waiting for us. they stripped it down and found the wheel bearing had shattered. the guy admitted it is down to them and reckoned he had tightened it up too much:whatthe: they cant see any other damage apart from a knackered tyre so all parts are on order for delivery first thing tomorrow at their cost. fingers crossed they get it sorted. they were very apologetic and did wait for the van to be returned even though it was 6pm. cant say fairer than that i suppose, its just a shame it happened and ruined a lovely evening over at lincoln....:cry:

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