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I read and hear about so many folks buying RVs sight unseen. Last time we were in the UK, my cousin said "someone told us about this camper on eBay ....". I said "stop right there".

Whatever you do folks, don't part with any money unless and until you or a trusted third party has throughly checked things out. That goes for RVs, new or second hand, and bought from individuals or dealers.

Although not actually for sale at the time, I snapped this picture a few miles from where Steve and Hazel are currently staying in Titusville, Florida. I've seen much worse.


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Hi Tom

Well I must be one of the lucky ones for I bought my Monaco via E'Bay/Dealer in Houston unseen,I negotiated a good deal as I did not require the year's warranty offered and managed to have the RV delivered to Baltimore, a spare wheel and tow hitch (stainless),brand new sewer/water hoses included in the deal and at a discounted price as well!

I did of course make a few enquiries about the dealer, but also relied on my own instincts from speaking with them also the 60 pics of the Windsor online. Once my RV arrived I noticed that a grill on the stove had not been replaced as promised I contacted them and about 3 weeks later a brand new grill arrived here in England.

So you can trust some of them they are not all bad out there!

Regards Pat


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Didn't mean to suggest they're all bad Pat. As your experience shows, there are some very good deals to be had, and I know a number of folks who've had similar results. But, having seen some of the junk that folks have unwittingly spent their hard earned money on, I have to say caveat emptor when it comes to buying sight unseen.

Our prior coach developed a leak in the roof, partly due to poor design and partly due to negligence on my part. I didn't realise it until the entire roof was shot and water started pouring in over the dash. When we bought our current coach, I asked the dealer to take the old coach off my hands. I refused to take anything for it, except the obligatory $1 to make it a 'legal sale'. I listed everything I knew that was wrong with the old coach on the sales contract, made sure it was an as-is sale, and gave the dealer a receipt stating the above.

I didn't want to be the one passing a problem along to someone else. The dealer, as they normally do in these cases, contacted a wholesaler. Instead of me driving the coach to the dealer, the wholesaler came to the house. I won't relate all the details here, but suffice to say that these folks are the scum of the earth. I have no doubt that the wholesaler sold that coach to some unsuspecting soul for a nice profit.

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Pat glad it went well for you and think most are honest but as Tom says there are crooks out there and us Brits being so far away much be cautious.

I had an agent involved in my bus and the one I went out to check out was not to my liking so bought another vehicle out there.

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