Be careful ordering stuff ... you might get MORE than you bargained for!

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    We wanted a spare C200 toilet cassette to take with us on our holiday starting on Monday for 6 weeks however after spent ages trying to 'win' one on Ebay to no avail (they go for stupid money!), we decided to bite the bullet and buy a new 'freshen up' kit from Jacksons Leisure Supplies at a cost of £79.99 delivered (tank, seat and bottles of chemicals). We rang them just after lunch to order it and make sure we'd get it in time ... we did the order over the phone and were told they'd try to get it in the post today so we'd get it tomorrow, but if not we'd definitely get it by Friday and they'd send us a confirmation email of the order - great stuff.

    However ... if only things were that straightforward ....:wasntme:

    A few minutes later we got a call as our credit card wasn't being accepted which was strange as we knew there was more than enough 'credit' available on it to cover the cost and even though it was a newish card, we'd used it elsewhere for about 3 months without a problem, but in order not to delay things we paid for it on a debit card instead. Unfortunately it meant that we'd passed the cut-off time for the purchase being sent out today so we'd just have to hope it came on Friday ... which actually turned out to be a GOOD thing! :mm:

    About an hour or so later, hubby checked his email and found he'd been sent an order confirmation and we'd been charged £300! :eek: He checked the details and realised that instead of charging for just the freshen up kit, we'd been charged for a whole new toilet!!!! :Eeek: Hubby rang them immediately and explained that all we wanted was the freshen-up kit so they altered the order and have refunded us the difference ... now I know why the credit card wasn't accepted as its due to be paid off in full shortly (we always do this each month) so whilst there was more than enough balance left to cover the cost of the 'kit' there wasn't quite enough for the toilet! :RollEyes:

    If hubby hadn't checked his email we'd have ended up with a toilet but no kit, with the rigmarole of trying to get it collected and get what we needed before we go on holiday ... now that WOULD NOT have been fun! :oops2:

    Hopefully the 'right' kit will arrive on Friday!!! :unsure:
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