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Jul 17, 2018
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I recently bought an uprated leisure battery (and bigger box) to replace the (new) 65Ah unit fitted as standard.

First thing to do was to remove the old unit. Disconected the battery, lifted it out, then removed the screws in the bottom of the old factory fitted battery box and lifted this out.

Then I thought about what a battery box does…

1. Keeps the battery secure
2. Prevents physical damage
3. Prevents accidental shorting of terminals (that awning pole or those tent pegs)
4. Contains leakage

Contains leakage… If the battery cracks (as they sometimes do though overheating etc) and acid leaks out, surely it will easily find its way past the 4 screws / holes in the bottom of the box?

No external fixings on the new box so fastened the box at high level in the corner of the box on two sides. Fitted an external stop as well (just a shelf clamp / bracket) so that the box has no holes whatsoever.

Seems sensible so why does the factory make four holes in the bottom of the box?

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