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    Probably a dim question - like my lights but could I have some advice?
    My recently acquired Laika Rexosline 680 has a mixture of LED and halogen bulbs in the habitation. I have noticed that the halogens are significantly brighter when on hook-up than when on the leisure battery. This applies whether there are one or two or several on.
    Is this an indication that the battery is past its best, as I have always assumed that ehu or not, the 12v lights run off the battery - even though the hook-up is feeding the battery. A bit like running a bath with the plug out. Have I got this wrong? Btw, even after a full days driving the battery seems to top out at 13.1v. Time for a change?
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    when on hookup it's usual for the battery charger to supply around 13.6v to all 12v appliances with the battery acting as a 'sponge' for any excess power not used.
    thats around 1v more than your battery off hookup.

    you will generally get a little more power directly from the charger/power supply then from your battery.

    as a guide, if your battery doesn't appear to last long off hookup then its probably on its way out otherwise i wouldn't worry too much.
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