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Discussion in 'Tech/Mech General' started by Gitta, May 24, 2012.

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    Both main and leisure batteries seem to be losing charge when the motorhome isn't being used for a day or two. Had the main battery tested and been assured it's ok. Leisure battery not tested. The batteries are both about 3 years old and the vehicle (Peugeot Symbol) is used most weeks as we have no car. Does anyone have any idea what could cause the drain?
    Any ideas appreciated.
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    All batteries will lose charge over a period of time. The leisure and engine batteries are not/should not be interconnected when the engine is switched off so looks like you have two seperate problems. There should be no noticable drop over a period of three days but having said that when a battery is being charged the voltage will always drop after an hour or so due to skin voltage from the charger. What we really need to know is
    1) how do you know its losing charge
    2) what does it start at and drop to after what period o0f time
    3) do you have a battery isolator.
    4) if you remove one terminal from the leisure battery does the voltage still drop.
    5) is it a lead acid or sealed gel battery
    do you have an alarm, radio, inverter or battery master fitted, do you have a solar panel. answer that lot and someone will get back to you with some hopefully helpful suggestions. Good luck.

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