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    Boughg two new 135amp leisure batteries at Xmas. They are Banner batteries and come with a 3 yr guarantee. Reading the small print, it also says a cycle life of between 400-500 times.

    We live full time in the van.

    Question- when on electric hook up, am I better off leaving the batteries on a continuous charge via the MPPT solar set up and the original Autotrail mains charger. It is a modern Autotrail with a 3 stage charger.

    My thoughts are to leave it on continuous charge (13.6v) most of the time, and only 'use' the batteries when off grid, thus saving the number of recycles.

    The thoughts of the experts are sought.

    Thanks I advance
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    Leave on charge indefinately.
    Its only old style fixed rate chargers that kill batteries.
    Unless they are sealed check the fluid level from time to time.
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    Our MH is in the garage when not in use and batteries are on charge 247-365 The batteries are over two years old now and when we go away 95% of the time we are off EHU and can run batteries (330amps) for days on end without problem, using solar during the day to "top up".
    All batteries need to be on charge when not in use and when in use should be charged (not topped up) regularly. In your case as your full time should not be a problem on EHU and your Autotrail with a 3 stage charger should be man enough for the job. Enjoy.
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