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    Dec 21, 2009
    i have decided to upgrade my battery from 75 amps to 110amps does it have to be specific as to size typ of fittings on etc and also to purchase a freestanding 80 watt solar panel could anyone help as to contacts where to buy
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    Jul 29, 2007
    The 110amp battery is of course bigger in physical size to the 75 amp so two questions need to be answered before purchase
    1 will the battery fit in my box or other area it is presently fitted in?
    2.Have I enough spare cable to reach the terminals, that will be at approx 6" further apart than my old battery
    The fittings them selves will be the same, all leisure batteries are pretty much standard fitting
    You will pay through the nose for a 80 watt free standing panel circa 3-4 hundred pounds for
    what is often no more than a standard panel fitted with a leg and a hindge
    Very easdy to make your own free standing panel
    80 watt panel e-bay £110
    Aliminium box fro b&q plus a hinge or two £30
    Half price at least inc a small regulator and a bit of cable (some panels come complete with cable and there is plenty of spare framework to fit your regulator to the panel :thumb:
    Typical 110amp leisure Battery size is--- looking from the front
    14" Wide --- 7" Deep and --- 9.5" Tall allowing for terminal clearance
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