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Hi all you responsible motorhome owners out there

I have spent many happy years as part of the community that enjoy's caravanning & motorhome trips and have always felt that we are a corteous bunch, respectful of our fellow road users, honest etc and that we have been the but of many put downs e.g. - drive too slow, cause long tail backs etc.

However on Tuesday 7th of October my faith in the integrity of motorhome owners was comprimised.

I had stopped at the Q8 garage at the Bellfield Interchange, Kilmarnock (just off the A77 in Scotland) to put petrol in my car. At the pump on my left hand side there was a M registered white Talbot Express motorhome. Whilst I was in the garage paying for my fuel the driver of the motorhome struck my car causing £800 of damage and drove off without stopping to exchange details. Witnesses say that he looked out of his window when he struck my car. Unfortunatley the police were unable to retrieve a clear view of the number plate from the CCTV cameras at the garage. As a result of the driver of the motorhome not being able to be traced I have had to pay the excess on my car insurance to get the repairs carried out. On top of that I have also to face the consequence of higher car insurance and loss of my full entitlement of no claims bonuses.

The only other detail that I can remeber about the motorhome is that it was occupied / driven by a couple in their late fifties and they had a yellow sticker along the full length of the bottom of their windscreen which said the were in the weekend (or weekenders) club.

I appreciate that the vast majority of you will be angry that this one irresponsible owner / driver has done nothing to promote your communtiy in a good way, but I will have to bear the brunt financially for this person's dishonesty.

If you recognise the description of the motorhome, please feel free to get in touch!

I still think motorhome and caravan owners are a great bunch!!!!

Thanks for reading

Carol x
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