Bargin Alarm system

Discussion in 'Top Tips & Tricks' started by mulaz, May 17, 2009.

  1. mulaz


    Apr 14, 2009
    While looking for a motorhome alarm system i came across this SAS Alarms system
    on Ebay
    these sell for £100 approx, then i thought i have seen that alarm before!
    as it happens one of the ARGOS returns shop is on my doorstop and are selling the Micromark MM23052 Easy Fit Alarm System for £12.99!!!!. Normally £40
    2x PIR sensors
    2x Door sensors
    1x external siren (cut down to fit engine bay)
    1x internal illuminated keypad with siren & backup battery
    2 zones ( zone 2 can be switched off for night time use)

    The Alarm runs on 9v so all you need is a 12vdc to 9vdc [​IMG]these can be had for pennies i had one lying about
    save yourself a few bob with this cracking good alarm system:thumb:

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