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    Well after my initial faux pas when I ordered Halogen lights by mistake :Doh: I have now ordered the correct LED bulbs which have arrived. They are slightly chunkier than our original bulbs but fitted easily in to all the lights bar 2 little under-cupboard lights where we couldn't get the glass cover back on with the new bulbs in. I ordered 2 packs of 10 bulbs which cost £15.45 in total with free postage. They took a couple of weeks to arrive but that was no problem. You can order in different currencies so out of curiosity I ordered in dollars as it can often work out a better exchange rate. as it happens the exchange rate on Bang Good is bang on as it cost me 10p more paying in dollars :Smile: I have included the link below. Hope this helps :thumb:

    P.S. Anyone need 20 halogen bulbs??? They only cost me £11!! :Doh:

    PPS. Although it wasn't obvious from looking at them the bulbs have to go in a certain way so if they didn't work we turned them around and they worked fine.
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