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Nov 8, 2022
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Baileys autograph 79
Hello Everyone,

I'm new to MH UK, my mother and father purchased a retirement gift for themselves. A 2019 baileys autograph 79-4i.

It was purchased 6 months ago and would just be over 3 years old. I'm told it has no warranty (by local caravan dealers) as they are 2nd owners, can anyone confirm?

After taking my family on a few trips I have discovered a couple things hopefully I van get some help with....

1 - the seal on the large window above the cab seams to leak air above 50mph, is this just a new seal as the current one looks in good condition?

2- the water heater seems to take a long time to get hot water and then it's scolding. Any tips or hints or is it faulty?

3- the 2nd bed that gets made up of the two tables under the island bed is quite flimsy and seems very much an after thought. Has anyone upgraded this or modified in any way that makes it a better bed?

4- the MH hadn't been used in a month or so and noticed whilst on a trip last week that the thule omnister awning has seized and won't open, any tips with this or do I try and "persuid" it open?

Many thanks guys
Apr 5, 2019
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Welcome to the fun of motor homing.

Bailey warranty is 3 years, unless an extension was purchased by the original buyer, then that is transferable.

1. Overcab window seal is a known problem, and should have been replaced with a modified seal under warranty already (unless the original owners never went fast enough to suffer this problem). I would approach Bailey customer support and see what they say.
Had this problem with a 2017 Autograph and this problem was still being reported by owners in 2020.

2. If it's an Alde heating system you can adjust the water temperature on the Alde control panel. Not very quick to heat up I think, but that's SWMBO's department.

Can't help with the rest, ours is a 2 berth and Fiamma awning.
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Jun 4, 2020
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Bailey AA79-4T
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The “double” front bed is not easy to construct and can easily come apart during the night. I’m going to adapt an Ikea junior bed frame - not used as grandkids are too big- to construct a suitable bed frame. Pictures will be supplied when complete.
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