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May 10, 2019
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Bailey 79-4
Hi, This is my first foray in to this forum. I'm interested to find out if any Bailey owners are having the same navigation problems as me. I have a 79-4 purchased new in Sept 2017. The sat nav has led me up some really tight roads in spite of me entering Moho dimensions in to it. For. Help I contacted Pioneer and discovered the sat nav is not a motorhome model . Apparently all Pioneer motorhome designated sat nav's have model numbers ending in "-C". Are there any other Bailey owners out there who can tell me if their sat nav model number ends with -C? If it doesn't do they get directed along unsuitable lanes. I have contacted my dealer who has contacted Bailey, they have just said this is the sat nav they chose to fit! In spite of their claims about it on their website and in the handbook. Anyone got the same problem?

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