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Discussion in 'Continental Touring' started by ronald4874, Jun 5, 2010.

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    Just returned from Spain, via Somport (free tunnel) and up the west coast of France to St Malo. Spent several nights at Capbretton at 6E including electricity, Blaye adjacent to the Citidel on large area over looking the Girone (Cockle shell hero's fame) quiet and free, next Nozey on side of Lac at 5E including electricity, finally on the Super U carpark official motorhome aire at Concale with facilities- no electricity but free and quiet. Diesel prices in Spain from 1.02E, France 1.08 to 1.12E /ltr.
    Did notice this trip the channel crossings had increased on recent years, possibly by at least 20%. In our case St Malo- Poole £200 one way, mind you it is still less cost than the Dover run where the extra mileage plays a big part at £23/100 miles.
    On some of the campsites in Spain there was increased talk this time on the robbers activity near Barcelona where stones thrown from a passing car and hitting your van forces you to stop and deal with the culprits, the other members of the car occupants then dive into the van and steal what is handy in some cases pushing the wives out of the way to grab hand bags etc. The wife should always have the camera on view to any passing car to scare off any possible attacks. Fortunately I tend to use the routes to the tunnels to lessen the total mileage to the channel ports and to avoid Barcelona.
    Hope this information is of use to some.
    Ron W
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    Bits of information like this are always helpful. thanks

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    Has anyone ever managed to get a photo of one of these much talked about bandits on the road around Barcelona? I'm not doubting there are dodgy characters about but with the same old campfire stories doing the rounds there must be someone who's snapped 'em.

    Great advice about keeping a camera handy and these days that's so easy with mobile phones being able to do the job.

    Anyone got a photo?
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    When I was a tour driver Barca was always a place to be wary of, most coach drivers will tell you, the Spanish Itinerants we called them would have a kid stand by the traffic lights
    then when a foriegn coach would pull up they would gesture there was a problem with
    the coach.
    I had a Dutch coach in front of me when the driver got out to see what he was doing the kid in a flash was on the coach, coat on his seat & briefcase taken before he knew
    anything about it :Eeek: Driver said all his money cards & passport taken.
    I never left anything in view & with being a right hand drive made it a bit more difficult
    for the thieves.

    Just be vigilant it can happen anywhere.
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    The wife with camera will be our first line of defence if we come across one of these 'Fairy Stories' but thanks for the information you never know do you?


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