Awning Problem

Bulawayo Lass

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Apr 29, 2014
Mud Island, nr Mudchester
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Up until 3 months or so ago l never used my awning, 2 things stopped me 1) l found some half awning legs in CB when l got him 2) stories about sides of vans ripped away.

About 2 or so months ago decided it was about time l at least looked at it... out it came no legs and so into Spinney for fixing about 2 weeks ago. They were very good about not laughing hysterically to tell me the bloody legs were tucked up under the front.

So off l go collected CB on the Saturday get to Van Bitz on Monday and put out awning one side arm went straight the other stayed bent. I deduced this didn't seem right and so rolled it away only it didn't close properly.

Eddies guys had a look for me and the word knuckle and slippage was used and they put it back in straight. CB is now going back to Spinney on Wednesday to have his awning once again poked.

Yet more money :( but will be nice to be able to use it as l think l am less scared now of the wind ripping it off