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    Apr 20, 2009
    wondered if anybody could advise what to do. my friend bought a motorhome from a dealer 5 years ago at the time she asked them to fit numerous extras which they did and all seemed satisfactory at the time. she had an awning fitted which they said had been positioned on the van so at a later date she could put a safari room on it, up till recently she hadnt bothered but due to family issues she now takes her daughter and grand children with her so tried to put a safari room on and it wouldnt fit she went to another local dealer they took the original awing off and found that it had been fitted in the wrong place it covered an air vent and because it was in the wrong place they hadnt bothered tho put any fittings in the middle of the awning resulting in the paintwork being worn down to the metal now that it has been moved away from the vent and onto the roof apart from it being dangerous it looks awfull.anyway she contacted the original dealer and he says nothing to do with him it was to long ago normally i would have agreed but this does seem to be one of those things that would never have come to light had the awning not have been moved or god forbid the vent being covered and there being a much bigger problem. your advice would be apprecciated as the dealer completely refuses to take any blame or put right the damage to the van.

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