Autotrail Pace.

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  1. Pikey Pete

    Pikey Pete

    May 25, 2008
    Autocruise Pace.

    Well I've only gone and done it.:RollEyes:

    I've just collected my year old Autocruise Pace, my first Brit built Motor Home. Well it's a Van Conversion really.

    I've got it back on the drive and I'm now filling it up with some of my vital effects. Quart into a pint pot springs to mind.:cry:

    Previously I've owned an Adria and two Hymers and they have been very well put together.:thumb:

    This is not so well put together in fact the final finish is frankly poor. I imagine the previous owner had sorted few things, from new, so I'm a little surprised to find the finish so shoddy.

    If I worked in the factory that built this I'd be ashamed to tell anyone.:Blush:

    Fortunately there doesn't appear to be anything major wrong with it, I like the layout and the price was right, so I'll sort it out as I go along.:thumb:

    The Fiat/Peugeot bit is pretty good though, but not up to the standard my Mercedes and I felt a slight hint of a judder when reversing, but that could just be me not doing it right. The last Motor Home before one this was a Sprintshift, just hit the loud pedal and the system did the rest.:Smile:

    I wondered if all Brit built vans are as shoddy, or is it just Autocruise?

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  2. joner8888


    Jan 4, 2012
    I have a 15 year old Fiat Autotrail--seems constructed fairly well.-- I`m happy with it.
    Fantastic plastic seems to be used more and more on later ones though.

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