Autotrail Entrance Step - Settings Change

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    Sep 10, 2013
    Hi Funsters,
    I recently came across a system setting change on the Sargent website for the electric entrance step on pre 23/11/2009 build number 30154 Autotrails. This simple change to the settings by removal of a link on the EM50 Intelligent Interface Adaptor results in your step opening when unlocking your Motorhome, it will then remain out until either the engine is started, or the button inside the habitation door is operated to raise the step. This does away with the step continually raising and lowering whenever you lock/ unlock the MH when parked up. This will no doubt extend the life of the steps motor and mechanism and facilitate the use of a draught skirt when pitched. I've completed the setting change and it operates just as described on the link.
    Anyone interested in this change can check it here.....

    Lance. :thumb:
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