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  1. Daveo2006


    Jan 25, 2013
    A few weeks ago a quarter light on the MH got shattered so i called auto glass and they arrived 2 days later and fitted the glass.Julie was home to greet them and hand them the keys.Job done i arrive home and notice that they have fitted the wrong colour glass so call them only for them to tell me they will send a "Technician". This is after i gave them the make and serial number they asked for over the phone. "Technician arrives and confirms its the wrong colour.(Like he didnt know when he fitted it the total tw-t).They now book an appointment to come and replace it so Julie ensures she is home.Its a no show without even a call to let us know.We call, have a rant and they give us another date and time slot.Guess what ? no show and no call yet again.I speak to a manager who tells me they cant get the glass it has to come from a main dealer being Fiat.They still wont admit they fitted the wrong glass although it was purple not green.The truth is they fitted a cheaper alternative and not like for like.They get the glass from the main dealer and make another appointment which was yesterday and believe it or not he turns up :Smile:. However on inspection my Wife notices a chip on the paintwork and asks him if he had scratched the door. He made out to her that he didnt know where the chip was and denied it point blank.Julie refused to sign the paperwork and waited for me to get home to tell me the good news.After she had told me the story i decided to play back my cctv and guess what? Mr auto glass was as clear as day trying to polish it out at 17.08 hrs. :winky: Not only that,when the window was broken the police sent forensics round and they took pictures (NO SCRATCH). I took pictures also and there were no chips in the paintwork in mine either before the replacement.I have sent the pictures to a Mr David Denton at autoglass head office and am awaiting his decision.I understand accidents happen and people get upset but all gets ironed out in the end.What i dont like ids some sneaky little pillock trying to cover up at my expense :Mad:. Something i did learn is that you can go straight to your main dealer so will get the proper glass 1st time and not use autoglass who want to fit a inferior , cheaper product and hope you dont notice. I wonder if i will get a quick decision or its going to be one of those long drawn out issues?:Eeek:
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    Jun 14, 2012
    Love the fact you've got evidence, good luck.

    I had a set to with Boardman Bikes the other day and was getting no joy whatsoever, so decided to TWEET about them and the shit service I was getting. It took 25 minutes to get a response from their Sales Director who was on it like a car bonnet and solved my issue overnight.

    The power of tinterweb is there for us all.

    Speed it all up with a tweet I say

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