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  1. wilf

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    For my many friends out there who are wondering how my problems obtaining a table from Autocruise are going, they're not. I picked up my 50k van June 2nd, there was no table. No problem said the dealer. He obviously wasn't aware that Autocruise had developed a new after sales standard::bigsmile: To be fair they did sent me one early July, wrong table, then another late July, wrong table. Last week I was told my table had arrived and would be sent out within two days (we were very optimistic). The illusive table didn't arrive after a week so I telephoned them last Thursday. After 3 months I am now told they have no record of a new table being ordered by the dealer but the lady dealing with this is on two weeks holiday so we must wait until she returns. We are now on with our 10th motorhome and the word Autocruise is a total joke. How can they sell a vehicle for 50k and not give a damn. Everytime I ring they look in their book of excuses volume 27 and give a load of ... as an answer. As they ring off I can immagine the conversation going something like' that's another idiotic customer put off for a few weeks.' I am a signwriter and at the moment am preparing my vehicle as a total advert for Autocruise. We are visiting the Pickering show and many places both before and after so the adverse publicity will be very noticeable. I intend to print only the facts and as the vehicle is 25 foot long it will make very interesting reading.
    I look forward to meeting many of you who may be interested so please feel free to come up and have a chat. I must point out that the service we received from Autocruise pre Swift was excellent and the staff were very competent. Sadly, this is no longer the case and to say we are disgusted is an understatement!!!!
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    Mar 6, 2008
    hya wilf welcome to the Autocruise Stress Club. I've been waiting 11 -yes eleven -weeks for a replacement body moulding. WOW you actually got someone at Autocruise to speak to, all I get from the receptionist is "I'll pass the message on" she must pass it on by carrier tortoise! Still you've got to laugh - haven't you
    all the best Clyde
  3. buccaneer


    Oct 14, 2007
    Sorry to hear about your problems but a bit off topic I am looking for a sign writer in the Lancashire area where are you based?
    And I have been waiting for a new rear bumper from Explorer group for about 3 months,strange this motorhomes spares set up.
  4. wilf

    wilf Deleted User

    I am based in Durham but I can possibly help you out with any text or logo if artwork is good.

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