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    Hello I was wondering if any one can help me out, I have a customer that has damaged the side of his motorhome, it is a starspirit 2005 he was side swiped and the vehical never stopped:Angry: they have damaged the lower mouldings from front to back I can repair most of the fibre glass bits no problem get a new door step suround, It is the long ribbed side panels that are giving me a hard time, Apparently auto cruise got flooded, swift brought them out and did not take spares or moldings for any thing as far back as 2005.
    I have asked swift and they were not very forth coming, I have exhausted all my channels and am hoping someone on here could help me out, a free service and MOT is on offer for the the best result :thumb::thumb: the damage is on the near side

    Regards & Thanks Kevin
    Redvers Automotive Services - Tel: 01793 541010
    Redvers Automotive Services - Tel: 01793 541010
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