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Discussion in 'Autocruise CH' started by wiljoy, Sep 18, 2008.

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    May 23, 2008
    Crook, Durham
    After various promises and excuses coupled with very obvious lies, my table has still not arrived. In my 40 years running a business I have never experienced so many excuses and lies as those from Autocruise regards the table saga. This is regarding the Gleneagle table I was to receive shortly after taking delivery of my motorhome in June (see seperate entry). Last week Autocruise finally managed to determine which table I required (for God's sake they build them) and stated it was in stock and it would be with me Tuesday. Wednesday arrived and after my 20th telephone call was assured the carrier had it earmarked for delivery Thursday (today). Once again no table so another call revealed it had not been sent BUT was earmarked for delivery Friday. One thing I have to praise Autocruise for is the consistant pattern of lies and a "sod off attitude you are just a moaning customer". Well I am one of those customers who help pay their wages but when I sell this motorhome I will NOT under any circumstances be contributing again. What a way to run a business and in a few months time they will be blaming an economic climate for poor sales!!! I have a little laugh when I telephone them and am transferred to CUSTOMER CARE - a contradiction in terms to say the very least!!!
    I'm off to Pickering now without the signwritten motorhome. This is because they have once again promised that my table will arrive BEFORE 9AM FRIDAY 19th. I ask myself whether this is another ploy to stop me from carrying out my threat. If so, it will not work as, although I am not taking my motorhome to Pickering, I have a contingency plan. WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wilf:thumb:

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