Auto trail - shower wall replacement

Sep 9, 2014
Coach built
Summer 2014
2005 Autotrail Dakota

Slowly working through all the little (and big) jobs that need doing to get the m/home up to a standard I want.
One of them is the repair of rear shower wall. I've got a lot of very fine vertical crazing running virtually top to bottom . I'm going to guess these are stress cracks....seems the rear wall is bonded to a wooden frame and whatever has been used to bond it has dried out and there is no flexibility left, if it's the same stuff that's been used to seal the panel edges which is rock hard it's little wonder the wall is distressed.

So, how best to repair?
Cut out the bulk of the panel and leave a margin of an inch or two to bond a replacement panel?
What adhesive to use - I've got a few tubes of Sikaflex 221, good enough?
Replacement panel - 3, 4 0r 5mm acrylic sheet? whatever thickness sheet is used at the moment seems very flimsy. Perhaps use 3mm sheet and add some extra framing to support?

Any other thought on materials and approach gratefully recieved!

Thanks, David
Sep 26, 2013
Market Rasen
Self Build Van Conversion
Since 2003
I would not cut the existing out as it will weaken the whole thing, I would just bond a new 3mm acrylic to it.

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