Auto-trail Scout TV connection help please!

Discussion in 'TV & Satellite' started by RichPea, Sep 8, 2013.

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    Hi! New to the forum and new to motorhoming, only picked up the van last week so it's all very new and exciting!

    Got a couple of questions regarding TV connections in our 2006 scout SE that'd help me out no end...thanks!

    1 - the TV socket at the rear of the van, above the shelf, does this feed from the same source as the drop down TV at the front, I.e. from the free view box or DVD player depending on which input you select?


    2 - the aerial socket on the outside of the van...some caravan club sites have a hook up post that have an aerial socket on. If I connect up that way, does this connect into the free view box as an alternative source of signal? Do I need to press anything to get it to use that rather than the van aerial?

    Thanks all!
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    The rear socket would normally feed from the cupboard above the dinette..
    You will see the white TV amp, from that will be two connections. One takes a TV cable to the rear lounge and so only supplies a TV signal. You will need a freeview TV to tune in channels.

    The other TV feed goes to the digibox, usually Humax. Then from the Humax a Video/audio cable will connect to the front screen.. The Humax will therefore only operate on the in cab screen.

    Aerial socket outside is maybe an after market fitting.. Not standard so you would have to check where this connects to and how they have wired it.. There may be some form of aerial switcher...
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    the rear socket may be fed directly off the aerial booster box, via a splitter, and not from the dvd/freeview box.

    the external socket should be connected to a splitter to feed both tv's.
    all depends how it was originally wired though.

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