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    Here is some info I received regarding the Austrian motorway tolls.

    thank you for your inquiry! Referring to your e-mail of January 21, 2008, we are pleased to inform you as follows: One the one hand, vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of over 3.5 tons are subject to pay a distance-related toll on (basically) all Austrian motorways and expressways by means of the GO-Box. The number of axles and the kilometres covered determine the toll to be paid. On the other hand, all vehicles with a maximum gross vehicle weight of up to 3.5t are liable for a time-related toll (toll sticker or 'vignette').The toll sticker is necessary for the use of the Austrian motorways and expressways as shown in section 2.1 (Tolling Regulations, part A I). Furthermore, on special toll routes (Gleinalm Tunnel and Bosruck Tunnel on the A9, Tauern Tunnel and Katschberg Tunnel on the A10, Karwanken Tunnel on the A11, Brenner Motorway A13, Arlberg Tunnel on the S16) the toll sticker is not obligatory. At special toll points the driver has to pay for every passing on the spot. Toll stickers are only valid, if they are attached accordingly to Tolling Regulations (section 7, part A I), see as well the recommendations on the backside of the toll sticker. The following toll stickers are available at the sales outlets marked with the toll sticker symbol. In Austria these sales outlets are basically automobile clubs (ARBÖ, ÖAMTC), petrol stations or tabacconist's shops. Abroad, the toll sticker can normally be purchased at Automobile clubs or at petrol stations near the Austrian border. The costs of the toll sticker for twin-track vehicles are: - annual toll sticker: € 73,80- two-month toll sticker: € 22,20- ten-day tol sticker: € 7,70 Please note that the only criteria - if you have to pay the toll by means of GO-Box or toll sticker - is the maximum gross weight of the vehicle. If you have any further questions on the Austrian toll system please do not hesitate to contact us any time.

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    Toll Charges

    And I highly recommed to everyone - don't try and avoid the Toll charges by not having the necessary sticker (vignette). The Austrian police regularly carry out random checks and the fines for not having a valid vignette are horrendous and if you don't have the necessary cash to pay the fine, or your credit card balance won't meet it then say goodbye to your vehicle for a while. Last year the Austrians earned 93 million Euros in fines alone - makes you think doesn't it.

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