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    Thanks everyone for your replies to my Euro tunnel question. The response was so quick! Moving on from Calais the intention is to make for Venice via Germany & Italy. My concern is travelling through Austria. My Laika has GVW of 4.250 tonnes and would like to sneak through Austria on no toll roads etc. so avoiding Go-Box etc and seeing more of the country. I'd like to go via Salzburg, Zell am see and enter Italy somewhere around Tolmezzo. Any ideas would be welcomed.
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    WOW! its possible but hope you like gear changing and have nearly new brake pads.:Blush:

    enter Austria around Oberaudorf, to Erpfendorf, Zell am see, Mittersill, Lienz, Kotchach-mauthen, into Italy.:whatthe:

    its around 600 miles of mountain passes. simpler to get a gobox.:Eeek:
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    It's all on good old FUN.

    Do a search for Reschen Pass.
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    Austrian passage

    Hi Jemhorn

    We also have a vehicle over 4.25 tonnes and have travelled through Austria into Italy several times on non-toll roads without any difficulty. However our routes do not go near Salzburg but are there for your consideration. I have heard that Salzburg is not an easy city to get into with a motorhome so do your homework.

    Route 1: From Fussen in Germany (several good stellplatz here) cross the border onto the 179, and follow the signs for the Ressia Pass. There is a good campsite by the river at Prutz with an excellent pizzeria just 15 minutes walk away. Continue on the 15 branching off left onto the 180, into Italy through Silandro and onto Bolzano. (No tolls)

    Route 2: From Munich take the exit 97 to Tegernsee and onto the Aachen Pass. Pass Aachensee (campsites at Maurach) and drop down to the Inn valley. Go under the motorway and turn right on the 171 which you follow all the way into Innsbruck. Follow signs for the 182 and continue on this road to Vipiteno in Italy. No tolls.

    Route 3: The Germans really hate paying road tolls and we discovered this route (printed specially in German) when we stayed at Ca Savio a couple of years ago. This one does take you to Tolmezzo with only one small toll through a tunnel (I believe).

    The first two routes I have travelled on myself with no problems whatsoever. However, we have also travelled on the motorways for some distance using a Go-Box. It was easy to obtain through a self service machine outside a garage and when we had finished with it at the end of the holiday it was also very easy to cancel it in a similar machine. The refund went through automatically and back onto my credit card.

    Advice??? It is very easy to take the wrong road and end up on the motorway by mistake. The police are very vigilant and you will be fined if stopped and you do not have a Go-Box. For peace of mind it might be a good idea to get one just in case. If you do not use it and cancel it at the end of your trip the charge is (was) 5euros. There is a slight catch to this in that you have to make sure that the Austrian equivalent of VOSA (I think) have copies of your vehicle log book and documentation proving your vehicle is in the correct category that you say it is. This can all be done before you travel and will appear on the back of the receipt you obtain when (if) you purchase a Go-Box.

    Rather a long winded reply but if you need any further information let me know and I will do my best to answer you.

    Have a great trip.:Cool::thumb:
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    We have a similar van and we took the Fussen route from camping Brunnen (nice site but small pitches).

    This is the route:-
    179 from Fussen >Reutte> Lermoos then tunnel to the Fernpass ( so pretty) to Nassereith then left on the 189 to Tarrennz >Imst

    Here at IMST onward you need to take care to avoid the motorway which runs along your route 171 and it's easy to lose concentration and take the slip road to the mway

    Leave the parallel motorway behind at Zams and carry onto Landeck 180 > Prutz > Pfunds >Nauders>. Now you have reached the
    Reschen Pass( pull into layby and enjoy view and snacks).

    After the pass, you are in Italy so the 180 becomes the Italian S40 then the S38 so on to San Valentino alla Muta> Malles > Schlanders/Silandro > Meran/Merano > Bolzano/Bozen.
    Hope this is accurate enough and it helps. On Sunday the route is free of lorries but has loads of motorbikes whizzing past you weaving in and out. Also fuel difficult to buy with credit card on Sunday so fill up saturday
    Staging lady
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    Just be careful with the go box. Ours was set up for us at a service station, having handed them all the documentation. Seemed to be working fine. Then I looked at it and it said 1axle. Tried to change it to 2 but was unable to do this. A couple of months after getting home a 100 euro fine came thought the post.


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