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    Does anyone have any knowledge of camp sites in any of the following: Solvenia, croatia, hungarg east of Austria basically. We have a cayman 36 foot and tow a small car. we are off to Austria sking for a month on Sunday but husband has just damaged his ankle and not sure if he can ski , so we need other plans.

    Thank you
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    We went to Austria ski-ing for New Year we stayed near the Zittertall Valley,there are about 5-6 Camp sites along the valley my favorite was Camping Hell.
    There is a tourist board in the valley try doing a google search.We took the van to the Ski Lifts every morning as only my husband Skis and found parking ok as long as you are there early.
    We sayed on a Stellplatz in a village called Hall near Innsbrook that was only 7.50 euro a night including elec there is water and facilities for waste and Hall was a lovely old town only 10 mins walk from the site.
    We use the Camping Cheques that you get from the Caravan Club so it makes your sites cheaper.Have a look at Caming Cheques Site for details
    Hope this helps-
    If you are going into Germany I can reccomend the Stellplatz in Garmish with a free bus into the town or we use a lovely site called Elbsee which is next to a frozen lake.
    Have a look in the ACSI book that should give you a few ideas
    Have a good trip and hope your husband recovers in time- Sue :thumb:
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    Kobarid and Lake Bled in Slovinia are a must. Did it 18 months ago, Lake Bled is beautiful!!and Korbarid was a very strategic location during WW1 with a museum in the village.
    Kobarid is on page 336 of ACSI 2010 book and Bled is in the Caravan Club book!!
    The Eastern 1/2 is mostly agricultural and Jeresulem is a lovely wine growing area where the Crusaders stopped on their way to the Holy Land!! A lovely friendly country!

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