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Nov 16, 2012
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after trying to follow the wifes directions, when trying to hook the tow car a-frame onto the tow bar, she would say its near enough when about a foot away from the towbar, (which is ok if the ground is level and the man handle the frame to the bar, but if the ground has a slight slope once the brake is released the toad could roll forwards or backwards). so i thought i would add a jockey wheel to the a-frame and drive the toad onto the ball. but i couldn't see the jockey wheel from the drivers seat of the toad ( toyota aygo), i then bought a reversing camera kit with a small monitor off ebay for about £32, and wired it so the camera and monitor are live when plugged into the 12v socket of the toad, then i added some velcro to the back of the camera and the a-frame, attach the camera to the a-frame and run the wire into the car to the monitor, i can now see exactly the a-frame going over the tow ball. from fitting to hitching up takes less than 5 minutes single handed and no heated words once hooked up remove camera and store in the toad. ps the monitor has a reverse view so if the hitch is to the left then just steer right and vice versa.

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