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  1. Welsh girl

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    Nov 7, 2009
    living the dream.
    Don't know if fit is in the right section but it happened in Spain so here goes.
    Today I tried to get 110 e from a banco popular.
    I used my Caxton fx card.
    I put my card into the slot.
    A receipt was printed, thank goodness I asked for one.
    I heard the machine counting the money.
    No money came out.
    At that precise moment the ATM was opened from inside by staff.
    I looked through slot where I had put my card, a staff member was standing inside.
    I told her no money had come out.
    Thank goodness she spoke English.
    The bank was closed. Staff still inside, only closed 10 minutes before.
    Lady looked at my receipt through door widow.
    I explained what happened.
    She pushed a business card through slot in ATM so that i could could retrieve it through there on the outside of the bank ratger than open the door to me.
    She had written a number on the back of this business card.
    She says to ring this number tomorrow if money not transferred back to my account.
    Where do I stand in this.
    Anyone know?
  2. elamessa

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    May 20, 2009
    Haute Vienne, France
    If you can try and contact Caxton and let them know exactly what happened, including time date place and bank etc. It might assist you in the process.
  3. Reallyretired

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    I had a similar problem, though I can't remember where, except It wasn't the UK.

    The machine poked my cash out and immediately snatched it back before I could retrieve it. It took 3 weeks to get the money credited back.
    I must remember if a receipt is offered to have it, normally I just press for 'no receipt'

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