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Jul 1, 2010
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Just had our 2013 Mohawk to the weigh-bridge prior to our Spanish jaunt almost fully loaded up, just food and some clothes to be added. 2 of us in it when weighed, significant heavy items included, 2 x 11 kg full Alugas cylinders, 3/4 tank fw, 3/4 tank fuel, additional ehu cables, 2 x folding electric bikes, Movelite porch awning plus all the usual stuff, 3998kgs! Well chuffed still 257kg payload left more than enough for food and some drinks.


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May 11, 2010
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You need to weigh each axle not just the Gross Weight, the axle weights are the critical factor and that is what is checked on a police weight check.
Mohawks have a front axle loading of 2100kgs however in my experience when fully loaded to go to Spain the weight on the front axle is only 1730kgs .
The rear axle is rated at 2400kgs and when fully loaded the rear axle shows a loading of 2450 Kgs.
So you will find that you have lost 370kgs of your payload capacity as it is impossible to transfer more of the payload to the front axle due to lack of storage
Sorry to advise on this but so many people get lulled into this false gross payload calculation..
Later Mohawk models have a slightly higher rear axle loading but the problem with the front axle load remains.

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