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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by darklord, May 15, 2011.

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    Apr 28, 2011
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    After several months in the company of theives, vagabonds, scammers, con men and Itinerants masquerading as dealers...we have finally entered the world of the motorhome user:thumb:

    Getting constantly frustrated by all of the above, and having to investigate things like an employeee of "spooks", we took a different tack. Rather than buy at our budget price...then deal with problems after that......we bought at half of it, and have a healthy excess to clear known and possibly unknown faults or problems.
    We will, on monday, be booking it in for recovering of all the soft stuff, we are this afternoon going to our local supplier to price up some of the other bits it needs, but whats most important, is that the MH "FEELS" right, and we are happy bunnies and looking forward to new adventures :BigGrin:

    We will definatley be travelling in our "work in progress" this year, probably very soon, so we may see soem of you about.......hopefully.:thumb:
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    Well done and enjoy your new found freedom, for that is what motorhoming gives you.

    To be fair though, not all dealers are as you describe. The majority are business people out to make a reasonable living - there are some who inhabit this Forum - and there is much to be gained from leaving their customers satisfied. Word of mouth costs an awful lot less than advertising.

    So do what others do, give praise where it is due and let other Funsters know where you have problems (bearing in mind Jim's advice about libel laws!)


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