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    a Funster on a site!!!!

    We left Twin Lakes on 19th September and travelled due east towards Italy. Stopped at the Aire at Lac de Sechmailles, Meymac and then at St. Victor sur Loire near St. Etienne. Decided to stop for 2 nights at La Chambre in the Alps so Tim could cycle up the Col de Madeleine(12 miles uphill!) I did a sedate cycle ride round the lanes and did a 12 mile round trip!!
    Went through the Frejus Tunnel which was expensive at €57.60 :Eeek: but would have been a long trip and used as much diesel to go another way from where we were.

    Being used to French roads we set the Sat Nag to 'avoid tolls'. Big mistake!!! It took 7 and a half hours to drive round Milan:Eeek: Friday afternoon and road works was not an ideal situation!! Finally found an Aire in Rivolta D'Adda in a residential car park and had a couple of stiff gin and tonics:beerchug:

    Next day, using the tolls(!) made our way to Treviso and arrived early afternoon an found an Aire 10 minutes walk from the town centre which was a busy,vibrant university town so lots of youngsters and plenty going on. Just enjoyed wandering around :Smile:

    Next day crossed into Slovenia via Trieste. Bought the vignette(rembered the warning @cliffandger (y)) and carried on into Croatia. Will visit more of Slovenia on our way back.

    So headed to Camping Sirena in Novigrad. Got settled in and blow me right next to our pitch is a Brit van and not only that they are Funsters ::bigsmile: Paula and Dick @Tricky Dicky! Got chatting, as you do, and really enjoyed their company. Met up for lunch in the town .

    Later pre-dinner gin and tonic o'clock was rather extended!!!


    Apart from us it was mainly German people on the site. It has to be said that most of them qualify for the song about not 'looking naked anymore' :Eeek: I don't either but wander about in a bikini or speedos :Eeek::Eeek:

    Moved on today to Camping Polari at Rovinj. Paid a few Euros more for a sea view


    The sunset was stunning


    Plan to cycle into Rovinj tomorrow:Smile:
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    Great meeting up with Ali and Tim, many a good discussion over the gin and tonics including how to get to Italy without paying for a vignette for Slovenia. For the record, we did manage this by using the back roads and had a good time in Trieste and then Venice and we are now at Lake Garda and still enjoying Italy. Hope to meet up again one day.

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