Around Europe in 80 days


Jul 19, 2007
Sutton on Sea, UK
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C Class Diesel RV
Since 1988
THE charity trip of a lifetime for an exploratory duo from Holmer Green has gone off smoothly despite a last minute hitch. Elliot Wallis and his partner, Gemma Leslie, are attempting to visit 80 places across Europe in just 80 days in a 38-year-old lime green campervan. They were due to set off on Sunday, but a last-minute panic over the van delayed them for a day and they postponed their departure for 24 hours. Since then however, the trip has gone smoothly and the pair, and their trusty canine sidekick, English Springer Spaniel, Maya, have already made it to two of their destination spots - Dunkirk and Brugge.

Speaking to the Free Press on Tuesday Mr Wallis, 31, said: "The van's going well, no breakage issues. It was smooth getting here, no traffic getting down and it seems to be quite easy driving."Motoring on the other side of the road has not been a problem either as the 1969 Volkswagen was made in California and is left hand drive.<SCRIPT language=JavaScript><!--OAS_AD('Frame2');//--></SCRIPT>
The pair of garden designers, from Parsons Walk, are raising money for Oxfam and the Blue Cross with their Busaid' trip and have so far managed to raise just under £2,000.And more donations have been pouring in from people they have met on the road."We had some people in the train coming over, they were in a similar van," Mr Wallis said: "They donated some money."And at their campsite on Monday night another couple, who had just completed a similar route, donated some foreign notes to their cause.
Mr Wallis added: "It's quite hard raising money especially as you're doing it as a small thing.
"We have done alright doing collections. At the moment we're just over two grand, we'd hope to get three as a final target." Mr Wallis and Miss Leslie, 30, decided to go on their epic road trip after spending two months travelling around Australia and New Zealand in another campervan. But this is the first time Maya has been abroad and so far she is enjoying herself, especially on the beaches at Dunkirk. Along the 80 spots they will be visiting are Amsterdam, Helsinki, Warsaw, Cannes, Budapest and Pisa and they intend to drive back onto UK shores by late October.
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Bucks Free Press August 2007