Are your Dogs So "Special"

Discussion in 'Pets' started by Pat4Neil, Apr 28, 2014.

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  1. Pat4Neil

    Pat4Neil Read Only Funster

    Sep 28, 2008
    When I say special, all dogs are special to their owners. What I mean is are they so "Special" that the general rules that apply to having dogs in camp grounds, such as keep them on a lead , don't apply to your dogs and that any distress they cause to others is their problem, not yours.

    Unfortunately an extreme example of this happened at the Peterborough show.

    During the evening in the marquee some members turned up with two large dogs and were quite happy to let these dogs race around the tent terrorising other dogs and causing chaos and distress to others.

    I challenged the owner and asked her if she could put her dogs on a lead.
    Unfortunately I hadn't realised that these were "Special Dogs"
    I was met with a torrent of un believable abuse and aggression .

    Having sat down the woman I spoke to then came over to me in a rage and again threatened me for criticising their lack of control over their dogs.
    Sadly it didn't end their , the woman then continued to shout disgusting abuse at me, which I ignored.

    My wife became very upset and tried to speak to the woman, who responded in a very aggressive and abusive manner resulting in her grabbing my wife by the lapels and threatening to assault her.

    The woman was clearly very drunk and beyond reason.

    This was all witnessed by many horrified people

    Meanwhile the "Special Dogs" were still causing chaos . One member was holding their dog over their head to stop it being intimidated by these large dogs .

    This unbelievably aggressive reaction ruined our evening and we left .
    We love dogs and have often considered getting another one, however our dogs have never been that special that the rules don't apply . ( Everyone was given a notice on arrival stating that All dogs must be kept on a lead at all times )

    I guess that the purpose of this post is to suggest to anyone with dogs that :-
    If you are the owners of "Special" Dogs and believe that the rules that applied to them are for other people and that you are above the rules.

    If you are unable to handle suggestions and feedback about out you dogs without becoming abusive and violent


    If you don't possess the basic values, such as respect, tolerance and good manners , required to be part of such a great community like Motorhome Fun

    Then you need to seriously consider whether being part of this great community is for you.

    If this is you then I am sure that there are plenty of places that you can take your "special" dogs where they can be left unchecked and not bother anyone else.

    However, if you do have all these values then I look forward to sitting next to you and your dogs at future rally.

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  2. Loujess

    Loujess Read Only Funster

    Jan 10, 2010
    Leeds UK
    Well said Neil. This has never happened before in my experience of Fun. How disappointing that members of this lovely group should behave like that. :Sad:

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  3. Flyingscotsman2

    Flyingscotsman2 Banned

    Jan 22, 2014

    Did our leader do anything about it. Did Jim see it or does he know about it. U shouldn't need to go threw that crap. Being aggressive does not work I have learned that.put it behind u forget about it. :Smile:
  4. iandsm

    iandsm Funster

    Jan 3, 2008
    Dogs / Posts

    Awful behaviour by dogs and owners. Probably just as bad by the show organisers/staff. Wy did they not do something like eject the owner and the dogs, it seems they had plenty of time to do something as this apparently went on for some time. What a great advert for attending shows

    I understand you anger and frustration. A very stiff letter to the show organisers with copies to CC and C&CC might get some action to prevent a future nasty experience.
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  5. simbadog

    simbadog Funster

    Sep 12, 2012
    If that's a factual report they should be named & shamed. :Sad:
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  6. camcondor

    camcondor Read Only Funster

    Jul 27, 2007
    East Midlands
    Who were these delightful people? Naming them would perhaps spur them on to come and explain their behaviour to everyone. Plus most peopple would want to know if they put their names down for a meet, to avoid that meet. What a shame the behaviour was tolerated by the organisers.

    Unfortunately, once this sort of element creeps in, and is left unchallenged to repeat the antisocial and criminal behaviour (grabbing someone aggressively by their lapels, hurling abuse, allowing dogs to be dangerously out of control) future events are likely to be a problem as well. :Eeek:
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  7. Jim

    Jim Ringleader

    Jul 19, 2007
    Sutton on Sea
    It was reported to me, but long after the incident. I've heard completely conflicting stories from independent witnesses. To be honest I don't know what to think. I spoke to John who apologized for having his dogs loose in tent. That should not have happened

    As for the arguments between the two parties; that should have been sorted out face to face or by PM, and not publicly like this. So this thread is closed. Thanks
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