Are we eccentric or just adaptable?

Discussion in 'Motorhomes for the Disabled' started by Foxy1956, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. Foxy1956

    Foxy1956 Funster

    Jan 2, 2017
    We have an adapted Autocruise Starspirit 54 plate, and tow our TGA Breeze S3 in a covered trailer. We also carry a folding electric cycle and a small electric buggy in the trailer and a wheel chair in the van which gets Sue from the passenger seat to bed. I watch the weight very carefully and always travel with empty water tanks. We also have a small porta loo which is brilliant for bed time loo visits.
    I have had the gross weight limit upgraded to 3500 kgs and weighed the van and we were well within limits, and having the trailer helps. We carry the buggy on the cycle rack when not towing the trailer which gives us additional independence.
    Having watched tonight's news about the paraolmypian who sadly wetted herself on the train, we realise how fortunate we are. Happy New Year to all.
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