AP-1 Spanish toll road. Should have done the research lol

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    That'll teach me to read and check first. Ongoing works on AP-1
    Merrily traveling south along the AP-1, at about 4:45pm said to Emma think we better go in these services for a cuppa and fuel. Sat in lorry space and noticed but not paid much attention to the fact that there was no longer any traffic going either way. Thought bit quiet for Friday night. Started to dawn on us about 5:45pm something not ok, went into garage to find out from the attendant that the road was closed from 5pm nightly to continue work on a previous land slide and no chance of going any where till next morning. Don't think the 2 lorry drivers parked up where to happy.
    So spent the quietest night ever in a motorway services, went in at 7am to be told yes but you must go slow so of we trotted to reach the work site where a very unhappy Spanish road workman proceeded to wave his arms around whilst shouting at us, then several calls on his Mobil with plenty of gesticulating before being told we could proceed. So we did, through the extencive roadwork section of about 100 yards, don't know what all the fuss was about ha. Thought we would have to drive over planks of wood layed across gaps in the road.
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    :LOL: Sorry to laugh.
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    Are you able to say which bit of the AP-1 is affected ? Do you know what time in the evening the closures start and when they end next morning ?


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