Anyone got Safe Fill?

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    GAVLAD Funster

    Jul 31, 2014
    West Yorkshire
    Has anyone got Safe fill gas cylinders?
    If so, what's your thoughts?
    And, have you had any issues with them or filling issues at LPG pumps?
  2. dpsuk999

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    Jun 6, 2012
    Hi, I did have one a couple of years ago on my previous MH, no issues at all but when I use to fill it up I kept it hidden in the MH locker and luckily it was on the other side of the MH where the attendants could not see as I envisaged been stopped if they just saw a bright red cylinder as to them it may have looked like a normal cylinder!
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  3. Neil S

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    Oct 26, 2014
    Dumfries and Galloway
    I did until this year , had a few refusals in both Spain and the UK by over zealous forecourt attendants so flogged them on Fleebay and opted for Gasit
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  4. scotjimland

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    Jul 25, 2007
    who are only following instructions..

    allowing the filling of gas bottles not fitted with an external fill point can result in them losing their jobs and the outlet being fined... I wouldn't risk my job either..

    I think the following answers the OPs question..

    Safe fill bottles do not comply with all of the requirements in the last paragraph

    Filling LPG gas bottles on forecourts
    Nick Brown made this Freedom of Information request to Health and Safety Executive

    Portable LPG Cylinders
    23) Customers or untrained attendants should not be allowed to fill
    portable LPG cylinders from the autogas dispenser.

    Note explaining the rationale for this restriction:

    The filling of cylinders (pressure vessels) requires an appropriate level
    of expertise and equipment to ensure that the filling is carried out
    safely. Additionally, the person filling a cylinder needs to carefully
    inspect all the external surfaces (including the base and the valve) for
    evidence of damage; the markings need to be checked to ensure that the
    cylinder is not overdue for periodic testing.

    After carrying out these
    checks, care has to be taken to prevent overfilling; the percentage fill
    varies with the size of cylinder, this can be 80 to 87%. The filling of
    cylinders requires the use of an adaptor which gives rise to the
    additional risks listed in paragraph 5.14.

    LPG containers that are securely attached to a vehicle (e.g. camper van)
    for heating or cooking purposes may be filled from the autogas dispenser
    on the proviso that they: -

    remain in-situ for re-filling;

    - are fitted with an internal device to physically prevent filling
    beyond 80% of the full capacity; and
    - are a fixed filling connector which is not part of the vessel.
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  5. Tea Bag

    Tea Bag

    Nov 3, 2013
    Had two Safefill cyliners when they first came out,red ones. They now do a bigger cylinder in blue,two of these filled before going over the channel,should see you there and back unless going for a year.
    They have dedicated filling sites all across the UK,so no problem here,and as said in a previous post,as long as they are secured in a locker and you do not make it to obvious when filling,there should be no problems abroad,super system and LIGHT.
    At one of their local outlets,it was tight for the c/van to manouver,so rang them up and asked if i could fill them in the back of the 4'by..... " I cannot see the pump from my office..."
    On getting a m/home,with fixed underslung GPL tank,advertised them on a C/van forum,next day had a phone call at 10.00hrs,and they were off the yard at 12.00hrs. I could have sold a dozen if i had had them. Get 'em bought!
    Tea Bag.
    PS. Just read the 80% cut off. These cylinders COMPLY with this,it is all stated on their web site,the "Fixing". This can be done by a QUALIFIED Corgi Reg gas fitter at little cost. Same as Gas Low ? two cylinders "Plumbed in"
    PPS. I have been refused a Fill with the proper fixed coupling to the underslung tank a couple of times,not a problem with two cylinders,when one is empty,try to fill it back up,soon as, go to the next GPL station and try there,it is Very! Hit and miss,see posts,Re. Fill up with Fuel/GPL. GPL first,if refused,go to the next services .
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