Anyone been to Croatia?

Discussion in 'Continental Touring' started by jaygee, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. jaygee

    jaygee Funster

    Mar 21, 2009
    Harwich, Essex
    Looking through a few books and it looks really lovely.
    Has anyone been to Croatia? Any recommendations?
  2. moandick


    Jul 28, 2007
    Landrake, Cornwall
    Mo and I used to go to Umag on the Ystrian peninsula - just south of Trieste in the mid-80's. Absolutely georgeous place to get onto the beach, throw off your clothes and worship the 'rays'.

    Haven't been back since the War there but we did go down as far as Dubrovnick and came back up the Adriatic coast through Split - unbelievably picturesque.

    We will go again just as soon as the 'Cats' passports are ready to use.
  3. Sundowners

    Sundowners Funster Life Member

    Oct 30, 2007
    Suffolk/Central Portugal
    Cheyne (upmarkethippy) has been and is planning another trip, pm him for some info.
    He is at a Land Rover show this weekend and out of range with his dongle.
  4. johnnerontheroad


    Dec 11, 2008
  5. Timber


    Nov 3, 2008
    South Devon
    Croatia 2002


    We went to Croatia arriving late april in 2002. Drove down to Dubrovnick along the coast road. Beautiful scenery, mountains to the left, sea scattered with islands on the right. Small stoney beaches. Few campsites open that early in the year. Diesel leak on van, went to main agents at Zadar, tightened up unions on high pressure pump, pressure washed engine. (foreman spoke english). No charge. Started leaking again, went back, Friday morning, booked us in early monday and did booking for us at local camp site. Went into Zadar Saturday, parked by old town, got parking ticket £3. At that price decided not to play the ignorant tourist. Went to pay, are you visitors? Yes. Don't do it again & tore up ticket! Monday am, back to garage, 3 hours work, total bill less than £10. Continued downwards.
    There is a twenty mile stretch that goes through Bosnia Hercegovina, not covered by our van insurance. pressed on regardless as road was deserted of traffic. Used site at Trsteno, lovely garden, privately owned. Enjoyed Dubrovnick.
    on return took passenger ferry from orbic to Korcula,after exploring here vehicle ferry Hvar, then third ferry to Split. Interesting route that aviods Bosnia.
    Visited two national parks. Much preferred Plitvicka, stunning scenery in valley with countless waterfalls. As we left there were hoards on German vans going down for the summer to take advantage of the very low prices everywhere. This has probably changed since then.

    Thoughly enjoyed the visit but would not go again. 3800 miles from Devon and back. Our advice - Go for it, at soom time in the future you will not be up to it!
  6. casagodfrey


    May 8, 2009
    My wife & I are driving down as far as Montenegro in August for the month. It will be hot, but this is the penalty for working in education.

    We do not plan to enter Montenegro due to difficulty in sorting insurance and breakdown cover for that country.

    I would be happy to swap info and tips. (I have not got many though). Please give me a shout on if you have any useful info.

    Currently, I am preloading my sat-nav with routes that I am generating on the Via Michelin website. You can do this for Tom-tom and Garmin. Via Michelin gives you options of scenic, fastest, most economical etc. Very easy to use. Great help for planning.

    Intending to use stellplatz on the way through Germany. Nothing booked apart from the Ferry.

    To enhance security, I have just converted the passenger and driver underseat boxes into lockboxes. It was very simple to do and cost very little.

    I also intend to fit Screwfix lockable shoot bolts to my driver and passenger door. I had these on an earlier camper and they pretty good.
    Hope this is useful
  7. ronald4874


    Oct 31, 2008
    Poole Dorset

    Croatia is a great country to visit with plenty of good campsites, naturist or textile.
    We had about 6 weeks there having travelled via France (Frejus Tunnel) though northern Italy to Lake Garda where we spent about 1 week seeing the lake etc on our scooter (which we carry on the rear of the van), very pretty and with a scooter very accessible.
    Having left there we made our way to the Lido opposite Venice where there are many campsites with a bus service along the Lido to the Venice ferry. What a view as you enter Venice by the ferry, certainly cameras at the ready. We walked most of Venice and came across many deserted areas along canals and the like, this is the way to see Venice.
    Over the border at Trieste and eventually towards Istra peninsular staying about 20 miles north of Rovinj, about 2 weeks. \Of towards Pula and north again to meet up with the Ferry to Cres. again good campsites. We then ferried again to Krk, great place and campsites, leaving across a very high bridge to the mainland where you could turn right towards Split, Dubrovnik if you have plenty of time, in our case we returned towards Italy again, France and the UK.
    Dubrovnik is a fab place and is as good as the photos show, when we were there we almost had the place to our selves, with the city being repaired in between bombing by the Serbs.
    Yes Croatia is a great place with a lot of people speaking English. By the way, its nearer than Spain.
    Good luck for your trip, Regard Ron W
  8. sarahessex


    Jan 20, 2008
    We went to Croatia last year as part of a months tour around Europe, and have decided to return again this year as our children enjoyed it so much.
    Last year we went to Rovinj and Pula, and this year we are going to go further down to Krk and the Plitvice national park. We didnt book any where & all the sites we visited had vacancies - very few English people around.
    If anybody else has any tips on the best route, or other places to visit I would be interested to know and if anybody wants information on the Istrian peninsula please feel free to get in touch.

  9. blueraven


    May 7, 2008
    Stockport, Cheshire
    We thought about it this year what with the rubbish euro at the moment, it's the only place left that shouldn;t cost u a fortune but decided it was too far to get there and back in under 3 weeks.

    Picking german arm of family up instead and going to lake constance, maybe further if we can be bothered!

    been to lake garda when we had our caravan, took 3 days to get there and i didn't enjoy all the travelling.

    Prefer MH travelling, and doing overnight Hull-Rotterdam (or Zeebrugger must check!:Doh:)

    Good travels

    Let us know how long it takes, shortcuts, sites to use etc.

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