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Whilst replacing the stereo in my 2005 Ducato, I've come across this cable / pipe, it's located at the top of the dashboard.

It's not connected to anything, I'm worried that it should be !


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So on further examination, I'm not so worried about it.
It appears there's a few odd wires not connected, I now suspect they're just factory fitted pre-wires.

I did suspect aerial connector (it looks similar to coax) but since I have another iso aerial, I had ruled it out.

Perhaps, one is Hymer, the other Fiat, that would make sense...

As an aside, anyone thinking of changing the head unit would make a good choice by buying a half-depth unit.
It's turning into a pig of a job.

I'm installing an Alpine mechless unit (no cd, just usb or Bluetooth), there's so many cables and connectors, I've had a job getting it into the slot.
Sorted now, but has taken far longer than the 10min I anticipated.

Thanks to all for the prompt replies (y)

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