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  1. hymerhobo


    Apr 14, 2010
    West Midlands
    I've just had quote from ADAC (the German equivalent of our AA) for European cover for about 80 EUR. However, before I proceed, I thought to check the terms and conditions first. I translated their email with the Google gizmo, and have appended both versions below. No machine can ever translate a language perfectly, and there is still doubt in my mind about one or two points. If there _is_ a German speaker here, would you please reply to this with a better translation. TIA ...


    Sehr geehrter Herr Wilson,
    ueber Ihr Interesse an einer Mitgliedschaft im ADAC freuen wir uns sehr!
    Die ADACPlusMitgliedschaft bietet Ihnen optimalen Schutz auch ueber Deutschlands Grenzen hinaus. Egal ob Sie mit dem Auto, per Flugzeug, Bahn oder Schiff unterwegs sind, die ADACPlusMitgliedschaft schuetzt Sie, Ihren (Ehe-) Partner und Ihre minderjaehrigen Kinder.
    Sie erhalten europaweit Pannen- und Unfallhilfe; bei Fahrzeugausfall oder -diebstahl stellen wir Ihnen eines unserer ClubMobile oder ein Mietfahrzeug zur Verfuegung, organisieren Ihnen Uebernachtungsmoeglichkeiten oder bringen Ihr defektes Fahrzeug nach Hause.
    Die Leistungen der ADACPlusMitgliedschaft sind auch fuer Wohnmobile gueltig. Paragraph 3, Punkt 4 der Gruppenversicherungsbedingungen 1997 der ADAC -Schutzbrief Versicherungs-AG fuer dieADACPlusMitgliedschaft mit den ergaenzenden Bestimmungen 1998 besagt,
    dass Wohnmobile bis zu
    - einer Hoehe von 3,20 m und
    - einem zulaessigen Gesamtgewicht von 7,5 t
    versichert sind.
    Bei Wohnmobilen, die genannten Hoechstmasse ueberschreiten, werden folgende Leistungen nicht erbracht:
    Bergung (Paragraf 26), Fahrzeugtransport (Paragraf 30), Pick-up-Service (Paragraf 31) und bei Totalschaden der Transport vom Schadenort zum Einstellort (Paragraf 33 Nr. 2).
    Leistungen nach Krankheit oder Verletzung, wie den Krankenruecktransport, erhalten Sie und Ihre Familie sogar weltweit! Ein einzigartiges Netz von eigenen Notrufstationen und kooperierenden Hilfsorganisationen garantiert Ihnen Hilfe zu jeder Zeit.
    Der Jahresbeitrag fuer die ADACPlusMitgliedschaft betraegt 79,50 EUR. Selbstverstaendlich bieten wir auch Beitragsermaessigungen an.
    Bitte beachten Sie, dass wir nur Verlaengerungsvertraege anbieten.
    Weitere Informationen zu den vielfaeltigen Clubleistungen finden Sie auf unserer Internetseite
    Schenken auch Sie uns Ihr Vertrauen. ADAC - Wir sind da.
    Freundliche Gruesse


    Google German to English translation

    Dear Mr. Wilson,
    about your interest in becoming a member of the ADAC we are extremely pleased!
    The ADACPlusMitgliedschaft offers optimal protection also about Germany's borders. Whether you
    car, traveling by plane, train or boat, It protects the ADACPlusMitgliedschaft, your (married)
    Partners and their minor children. You get European breakdown and accident assistance, with
    Vehicle breakdown or theft, we present one our Mobile Club, or a rental vehicle at disposal
    Overnight stays or organize bring your damaged vehicle back home.
    The services are also for the ADACPlusMitgliedschaft Campers valid. Paragraph 3, Item 4 of the
    Group insurance terms of the 1997 ADAC - Safe-Versicherungs-AG for the
    ADACPlusMitgliedschaft with supplementary provisions 1998 states that mobile homes up to
    - A height of 3.20 m and
    - A gross vehicle weight of 7.5 tonnes
    are insured. For campers, the maximum referred to ground Which exceed the following services are not
    Rescue (Section 26), Vehicle Transportation (Clause 30)
    Pick-up service (Clause 31) and total loss of
    Transport from the damage occurred to Einstellort (Clause 33 No 2).
    Services after illness or injury, such as the Krankenruecktransport, you and your family
    even the world! A unique network of its own Emergency stations and cooperating agencies
    guarantees help at any time.
    The annual fee for the ADACPlusMitgliedschaft SHALL 79.50 EUR. Of course, we also
    Beitragsermaessigungen to. Please note that we only Verlaengerungsvertraege
    . Offer
    For more information about the manifold benefits Club found on our website
    Also give us your trust. ADAC - We're there.
    Kind Regards
  2. johnnerontheroad


    Dec 11, 2008
  3. Braunston


    May 21, 2008

    We are with ADAC and while I would recommend them to anyone, I must add that the only reason I have breakdown insurance is for piece of mind, I really do hope i don't need to use it, so I would seriously recommend to anyone if you have even the slightest doubt with a company whether that be ADAC or the RAC/AA etc then its probably better to look elsewhere rather than just trying to save a few quid, as how much would you put on piece of mind, there's nothing worse than driving thousands of miles in Europe wondering if anything goes wrong will they be able to understand me and will I have sufficient cover,

    We think ADAC are perfect for our needs and I do drive around with confidence that I will be able to make myself understood and that the amount of the conditions i can actually understand do meet or exceed my requirements, but I know a lot of people who I have talked to think I'm mad, going with a company that primary language is not my own.

    What ever you chose I'm sure it will be the correct choice for you.
  4. sue1959


    Feb 11, 2010
    When serving in Germany all service personel seemed to go with ADAC. My fan belt went on the way the ferry in Holland ( it had only become slack so was easy to rectify).I used a motorway box just said I only spoke english and they sent someone who had a good grasp of the language. ( apart from spelling my name on the form!) That was as a lone female in the 80's would I feel as safe now on the hard shoulder of motworway, I wonder.
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    SWMBO is Austrian and is fluent in German says its a good translation

  6. chrisshipp


    Jul 28, 2009
    My German is not as good as it once was - we lived there for 11 years but that was 10 years ago. Basically the translation is not bad - there are a couple of words where Google obviously gave up!!...

    1. The annual fee for the ADACPlusMitgliedschaft SHALL 79.50 EUR. Of course, we also
    Beitragsermaessigungen to.

    The German means "Obviously we also offer discount rates" (for family or group memberships for example)

    2. Please note that we only Verlaengerungsvertraege
    . Offer

    This is the one that concerns me. Verlaengerungsvertraege means to me "Contract renewal" This sentence to me therefore implies that they only will offer you a contract renewal and not necessarily a brand new contract. I would clarify this with one of their English speaking staff, and make sure you make a note of their name and when they told you this information.

    Hope this helps...


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