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Apr 14, 2015
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I'm a newbie
Many thanks to all of your help on the previous question relating to heating and water etc, now :-

Is there any need to sterilise any of the water tanks etc?
How often should you flush system out to clear bad smells and how? Do I need to take traps off and flush through?
I believe that I need to keep tyres inflated at 85 psi - is this correct too?
Are the milenco window alarms a good purchase?
I have purchased a bike cover for the fiamma bike rack we have with MH and wondered what other security measure I could put in place to secure the bikes? Anything other than a thick chain??

Thanks in advance yet again

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Water tanks depends who you ask - some people seem to clean and sterilise the fresh tank twice a day and still say they would never "risk" drinking from it. Personally, we have never even drained ours right down, never mind cleaned it, we drink from it all the time and have never had a problem.
Your grey tank may start to smell after a while, the accepted best way of sorting that seems to be to pour a couple of bottles of the cheapest full fat cola you can find down the sink and shower drains, drive around for a bit then drain it from the tank. Just do it as and when you need to. How often will depend on what goes down the sink.

Tyre pressures - no that's incorrect. Also ignore whatever the sticker on the base vehicle says. Ideally you need to know your actual axle weights but if not use the maximum plated weights for each axle. You need to contact whoever the manufacturer of your tyres are, give them the details of your tyres and the weights and they will tell you the correct pressures to use. If they are Michelin the email address is Can't help you with any other manufacturers.

Don't know about the Milenco alarms. No experience of them.

Other than a good quality chain/lock there isn't much more you can do with the bikes. If you have a Strikeback alarm from @eddievanbitz you get an external alarm loop that you can wrap around them that will set the alarm off if anyone tampers with it. Can't think of anything else.
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Regarding the water tanks------I put a dishwasher tablet in with a couple of gallons of water before a run to wash out the GREY tank------usually on the way home from a trip.
With the fresh water tank----I drain if it will be left for a while-----otherwise there is enough 'stuff' in our tap water to keep the tank fresh.-----BUT you should be careful with what you put in it and the cleanliness of the hose etc.
We did have a filter on the 'old' van and will look at fitting one to our current van.
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