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    This summer I did the pilgrimage to Santiago on my bike with a friend of mine. We both have motorhomes driven by our wives and we meet up at various times throughout the day.

    Now, I am a lover of technology and coordinates so it is a simple matter to send a text to the back up crew telling them exactly where we are.

    I sent my text but David decided to give them additional information. He told them we were at a railway station near Burgos. The station in question had closed before Doctor Beecham came on the scene and all that remained was a gravel track and some stonework that clearly belonged to a long gone station infrastructure.

    We were actually waiting on one side of a church and did not know that the girls arrived on the other. They could not see any railway station so spent the next hour retracing their steps to find one. Eventually, they gave up and returned to the church. They looked round the other side and found us.

    Coordinates work perfectly for me. It did cause quite a disturbance and I know exactly when to keep my fat gob shut, which is exactly what I did.
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    ..............................Fast asleep, in each others arms??? :);)
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