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    Do not want a debate re legality of A-Frames ect as we have had all that before in many posts. But a friend has sent this E-Mail and it looks like its going to be a Trailer if you go over the water ..[​IMG]

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    Dear !!!!!

    Your email re A frames sent to !!!!! !!!!!! at Carthago Owners UK was forwarded to us, as we dealt with the A frame issue on
    behalf of Carthago Owners UK in connection with The EU.

    Firstly we wish to apologise for not replying sooner but we have only just returned to the UK from an extended stay in Europe.

    Our issue with the EU commenced in September 2011 when we were prevented from entering Germany from Luxembourg whilst towing our Aygo with an A Frame.
    Despite several calls to our embassy, our A frame supplier ( who insisted it was EU legal) and to senior German police officers we were unable to proceed through Germany to Austria.
    At the same time, some friends who we were meeting at the Carthago annual get together in Austria, were also stopped on the Munich ring road and prevented from using their A frame – they left their car in Munich and travelled onto Austria before returning by train to pick up their car.

    On our return we heard of other people who had had experienced problems, so we decided together with our A frame supplier, to contact as many of our MEPs to see if they could exert any pressure or could get some clarification on the matter. Most MEPs were unhelpful but Michael Cashman Labour MEP for the West Midlands took up the cudgels on our behalf.

    We have reams of correspondence on the subject from the EU (most of it technical) but it now seems that the EU has nothing to do with the A frame ruling -this is defined by the UN- EC
    so called Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, which in a nutshell allows each Member State to decide what can or cannot travel on its roads.
    I suggest that if you wish to tow in Europe with you’re a frame you contact each country for permission, before you travel.

    Germany is a no go area and so is Spain. We have used the A frame in Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Austria and France without being stopped by the police but who really knows – it seems one must use a trailer to avoid any problems.

    Two French companies are now advertising A frames for use in France – lets see what happens.

    I have tried to attach the most relevant documentation but unfortunately the scanned docs are too big to attach. If you wish we can send them by
    Fax or by post. Just let us have your address or fax number.

    Yours faithfully

    !!!!! !!!!!!!!!
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    Aframes have not been allowed in Germany for some time now.

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