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Discussion in 'UK Touring' started by lozenger, Apr 13, 2009.

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    Hi, I have just picked up a hire motorhome for the week, it's 24 ft long fiat something or other. We were looking to go to Newborough warren or somewhere near a beach in Angelsey but I am a bit worried about windy roads and overhanging trees - does anyone know if it's OK to drive right down into the park area in this thing, it's quite high. I last went to newborough over 20 years ago so a bit nervous about driving it. We have 2 ditsy females and 3 lively children on board so if anyone can recommend anywhere easy for first timers.

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    Hi Lozenger

    Done it many times in a large 'van, you just have to drive slowly and carefully. The A4080 is very tight right at the start and in a couple of other places, but take your time, keep well in and travel in daylight (so you can see the sides of the road) and it's no problem.

    Officially there is no overnight parking on the car park at Newborough Warren, although no-one seems to mind outside peak periods provided you keep everywhere clean, tidy and quiet.

    Enjoy, Llanddwyn Island and beach at sunset are spectacular!

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