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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by johnish44, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. johnish44

    johnish44 Read Only Funster

    Aug 3, 2010
    Welwyn Garden City
    My wife and I have decided to take the next year or so to explore this Isle, and I don't fancy lugging a caravan around, so it has to be some sort of campervan or motorhome. I have a very limited budget to buy one. So many questions, so if I may I'll ask the first three that come to mind.

    How do you locate sites that will accommodate motorhomes?

    Where do you get drinking water from?

    How do you connect to the internet?

    Looking forward to your responses, which will no doubt spark other questions.
  2. Dodgey

    Dodgey Funster

    Oct 15, 2007
    Five Roads Alyth

    Sites, join one or both clubs(CC and or C&CC), surf the net. Most all sites take motorhomes frankley, there may be the odd tent only about and I've seen sites that are tent and motorhome only, just due to access restrictions.

    Obviously on a site water isn't a problem and more and more sites seem to be going the WiFi route, though usually at a cost. If you plan wild camping others will better advise but I believe water is aquired from public loos etc, and again if wilding then numerous places have free WiFi (Macdonnalds, that sort of place). Further on the tinternet access, the mobile firms do a variety of dongles these days to get you connected, that said whilst we will one day when we're in the van it's a no PC world, hell we tend to switch the mobiles off too::bigsmile:
  3. DESCO

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    Mar 11, 2009
    Hi johnish44

    Welcome to MH Fun

    Would agree with Dodgey, but find C&CC site book better, easier to use.

    We travel mainly in Scotland Tinternet access can be awkward, likewise mobile phones, no people no signal but wonderful scenery, still you can't have always. As for telly don't bother when away prefer to completely switch off also.
    We tend at least to drop into a site every few days to refill water drain waste etc spend the night and do the washing before moving on.

    Dave :thumb::thumb:
  4. JayDee

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    Oct 7, 2007
    N. Devon
    You've come to the right place here. There's almost always somebody who will know the answer to just about any question you have (well, about motorhomes anyway - not so good on who'll win the 3.30 at Wincanton.:winky:)

    As Dodgey suggested the clubs are a plentiful source of places to camp with a motorhome, but if you don't fancy joining clubs there are plenty of places to be found on the internet. Here for example
    to mention just a few.

    Hope you find something that suits you both, and welcome to our club/community/group of friends.

  5. Ralph-n-Bev

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    Nov 30, 2009
    Wrenthorpe, Wakefield.
    Hello and welcome to MHF, You've done the right thing joining. Someone will always know the answer to your questions:ROFLMAO:

    Dont forget to wave,
  6. slobadoberbob

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    Jun 1, 2009
    Kent, garden of England
    and also welcome from me

    Step one... find a motorhome you like, you will know it is right one when you see it.

    Step two.... join the CCC or CC before you insure it as you will normally get 10% off if you belong to a club (so in effect you get a free membership).
    You will normally get a mirrored insurance for the NCB. Make sure you have some theft device fitted - i.e Thatcham.. more discounts.

    Step three.... Go along to one of the big shows that run each year (all over the UK). Step three can be also step one as lots to see and try. Yes there is water but not always mains power.

    Step four ... try a CCC or CC site for how long you want to and how deep your pocket is. or go to a District Association meet such as the CCC run does not cost a lot, but basic... Water but little else. So in Step one make sure you have a decent toilet /shower.

    Oh yes the CCC stands for Camping and Caravanning Club - they call them selves the friendly club. and the CC is the Caravan Club... remember once you had to own a white car to tow the caravan!!!!!! enought said.. but the most friendliest club is this place... always someone to help answer a question (most of the time)...OK you get the odd wit, some good and some oh some so bad.

    Ejoy the hobby, it is a bug and you will not regret it.

    Bob ... p.s good for any age, kids or adults and pets, we have seen the cats on the lead the parrots the song birds and of course the dogs. & PPS pay the subscription it is not a lot for so much info.:thumb: ! do I get any commission?:Blush:

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