An eventfull trip to Wales

Discussion in 'UK Touring' started by GregM, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. GregM

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    Nov 2, 2009
    We left for Wales on Saturday and had arranged to meet someone just south of Aberystwyth. We was near the destination address, climbing up a narrow road when the Awning was hit by a tree, breaking the end cover of the awning.

    The sat nav then told us we had reach our destination, but the house we was at was not where we should be. We turned around and scraped the back of the van on the steep drive way.
    (sorry pick taken at wrong angle)

    We decided forget meeting up and instead find somewhere else to stay

    We had been given directions to a couple of camp sites near Llanrhystud. Both sites where closed but as we drove down the track we saw another motor home parked up. We drove down and found it to be a smalll car park by a pebble beach. Soon after parking up the other motor home left.

    We had never Wild Camped so I suggested to Tracey that we give it a go, it was secluded but appeared to be frequented by dog walkers. Tracey was not too keen, 'we're not meant to are we?' was what she was saying. I said no, but could see no sign saying it's not allowed.

    A short while later a van conversion arrived and parked up obviously for the night. This made our decision easier. Tracey said well lets give it a go.

    No one else visited the car park after about 7pm, and we settled down. The next morning saw a couple of dog walkers arrive but no one disturbed us. While walking the dog I spoke to the couple in the van conversion, discussing Wild camping etc. I am sorry I didn't ask their names but they travelled from Cheshire area I believe.

    In the 10 months we have had the van, we have not toured, ie always stayed in same place, visiting people/places but then returning to same site. Well this time we thought we would tour. Albeit just a short tour.

    We drove up the Welsh Coast to Criccieth stopping on the way in a couple of spots for kids and dog to play.:Doh:

    While in Criccieth I hit the ladder on the back of the van on a wall, bending the bracket holding it. :Eeek:


    We stayed the night at a CS just outside of Criccieth. Monday morning we needed the help of a tugger to pulll us off the site before we drove around the coast stopping at Caernarfon and Colwyn Bay before stopping again at Crab Mill Farm, Kinnerton near the Welsh/English border before driving home this morning.

    When asking the kids, they said they preferred touring to staying put. The dog loved it, she's never had so much fun.

    This trip was a first for us, our first night wild camping, our first time touring (although short), it has encouraged us to do something similar again for longer periods.

    If it wasn't for this forum I would have never have thought about wild camping so a big THANK YOU
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    Oct 30, 2009
    Mid Cornwall
    Glad you had a good time, despite the damage. Hope you get it all sorted and ship-shape soon.

    NEVER trust a sat nav! ::bigsmile:

    Unforunately, there are areas of the country where it is always a gamble, Wales being one of them due to tight lanes and odd angles, Cornwall/Devon is another favourite - and not forgetting the lakes!!
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    Mar 11, 2009
    Glad you enjoyed your trip (apart from the obvious ).

    I think that touring is what motorhomes are for, we do 6 weeks round Scotland twice a year, never book anywhere stay where we can best holidays you can have.

    Dave :thumb::thumb:

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