Amperor Charger Failure

Discussion in 'Autocruise CH' started by Oldroadies, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. Oldroadies


    Jun 21, 2009
    Channel Islands
    I notice that we are not the only ones to have had trouble with the above make of charger?
    We have had our Startrail for just coming up to 2 years, it is used every weekend throughout the year and taken to europe/England 3/4 times so gets plenty of use.

    Two weeks ago we noticed that the charger wasn't charging the leisure battery.(but there was power to it and the battery charged ok by the engine) We phoned our dealer (Webbs) and told them of the problem. They said that they had just ordered a replacement one of these for a customer and had been waiting 6 weeks for the part to come down from Swift under warranty.
    Now we have a double predicament as we live in the Channel Islands, therefore can not just pop over to the dealer if something plays up, and we have no motorhome dealers in the Island. As we were coming over to England on holiday in two weeks time, we said that we would pop in to them, for them to change it and send the faulty one back, however, we were then told that Swift do not operate that way and will not send or order one until the faulty one has been returned and tested to verify that it has failed! I can't believe this long a wait for a part that only costs £60 (trade), not to mention the inconvenience as we can certainly pop in for them to take out the old charger, but cannot afford to go back over some 6 weeks later!
    I emailed Amperor directly for advice, that's how I know the trade price (they were extremely helpful I might add), they informed me that their chargers only have a one year warranty, and yet the motorhome came with a three year one, so presumably the charger would be covered under it?
    So back to my original question, should a charger fail after only 20months use? Maybe someone from Swift would care to advise?
    Thank you
  2. dazzer


    Jul 30, 2007
    In my house
    For the sake of £60 just order it and fit it yourself, the saving on heartache and messing around not to mention the saving on fuel will more than cover it, then send the old one back to the dealers and ask them to send you a replacement which you could keep to change if it fails again. :thumb:

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