Amethyst Leisure Battery, ZIG Charger problem

Discussion in 'Tech/Mech General' started by interworld, Jan 22, 2011.

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    Jan 22, 2011
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    Hi, I am pretty new to Motorhomes.
    I have an Autosleeper Amethyst with charging problems :Sad:.
    Just had a new Alternator and Leisure Battery fitted and after a good run I find that the leisure battery has not been charged.
    I have charged it fully using a standard car trickle charger.
    Today I connected the Motorhome to the mains and neither the battery "full" or the battery "empty" led's lit on the zig panel.
    I have checked the zig fuses - they are OK
    The "mains" light (on the same fuse as the zig) is working so I am assuming that is OK too
    Now I am at a loss - any assistance or ideas would be gratefully received :helpsos: Many thanks for reading.
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    Hi and welcome to the fun. sounds like there is a switch you need to find to enable charging as opposed to main, someone with the same van will no doubt comment shortly.
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    Hi if memory is right the switch needs to rock over to to charge the l /b -It is on a rocker - one way charges L/B and the middle is off and the other way charges the cab battery
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    Jan 12, 2010
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    Not sure how old your Amethyst is but I have the 1995 Amethyst.
    Whilst this note refers to mains charging and not charging from the alternator, it may be of help in the future to you.
    We originally could not locate the charger, not even had the help of Hilldweller from this Forum. We were told it was in various places and finally found it under the fridge. It was faulty and I had to buy a new unit from Autosleeper. It would only fit with the removal of a few filler pieces of carpet covered wood and trimming a little off the inside of the wooden door. It now works fine. I would guess, being a coachbuilt that there are many variants of the Amethyst due to their constant improvements.
    Mark in the service department at Autosleeper is very helpful and knowledgeable about older Autosleepers.

    The info below is just copied from the notes I made last year at the time I purchased the charger:

    Replacement charger for x7, is CE 18amp part number ET 12/21 £95 plus vat. Only has two spades. Connect both positives together and both negatives together to new charger then connect charger to ceramic block. (I think ours is plastic).
    Charger was definitely Zig Unit x7
    New Charger is CTSAN 18amp
    The only difference now is the charging indicator light on the panel over the door does not work. I was warned about this by AS.

    Cost was £125 inc Post and vat in February 2010.

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