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    Always the way...

    Today we decided to hook the car to the trailer as we have to go about a mile to hook it up on the RV (we live a hill) and as usual I get Sue to back the car on tot he trailer on the drive... She turns the key and it will not fire... Blast and a few other words... anyway she gets out and leaves me to nearly flatten the battery and get it started.

    Just what I need.. bank holiday weekend.. all loaded for the off to France on Tuesday silly o'clock from home.

    Anyway we get the trailer hooked up, I run it down the road and turn it around bring it back up the hill and park it up outside. Left the engine running.

    Got out the multimeter (so useful bit of kit) I had 13 amps kicking in to it... no issue with the alternator and checked the battery with the engine off and it is still OK.... this battery has been on the Hyundai now for 9 years:Smile: original factory issue.

    I have a massive battery charger 20 amp or boost/start 160 amps .. I stuck it on for 30 minutes and it was putting in 15.7 amps...

    Started the car at the end and it seems OK... so now I will have to load the battery charger and take that with us just in case... Do not want to buy a battery in France and now I cannot get one ... well may be at Halfords.. But I do have my ADAC membership if I get stuck.. I carry serious jump leads in the RV and as I have a Sterling Pure sin wave charger / inverter I can always boost the car battery on site.

    But always has to be something just before you head off for the holiday.


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